About Me

Jordan Lampert has led an interesting life that would inspire others. His success as a business owner, family man and philanthropist can be attributed to his idyllic upbringing and his close-knit family.

Raised in a very small Canadian city, Jordan grew up with small town comforts and values. After graduating university, Jordan moved to Toronto with the dream of launching his own business.

Having just completed a Business degree from a top Canadian University, Jordan was eager to apply the business skills he had mastered.  It was one particular job interview in Toronto that changed Jordan’s life forever.  At this particular interview, the interviewer recognized in Jordan a drive for success and a passion for business that is rarely found in people in their early twenties.

Jordan was hired on the spot and so began his career in the entertainment industry. With his outgoing personality and business acumen, Jordan’s new mentor showed him the ropes and assisted him in building a professional network that expands continents.

Today, Jordan and his mentor remain very good friends and have worked on a number of projects around the city, including fundraisers for local hospitals, charity events for schools and raising money for local minor hockey leagues, work which Jordan finds very rewarding.  Jordan thrives on the energy and talent of others.  He is a hard worker and is a committed friend, business partner, and family man.

Over the years Jordan Lampert has acted in small roles in Fox’s Movie of the week and a Christmas special on NBC.  His acting hobby led him to several industry events where he met producers and actors in all film genres.  Jordan had a business hunch and decided to learn more about the online adult film industry.  With hard work and perseverance, Jordan launched his own company in 2006.

His expertise in online adult entertainment has increased his public profile.  He is regularly recruited for businesses opportunities but prefers instead to keep a low profile and commit his energy to his own projects. Jordan has a dynamic personality, is very driven and has a heart of gold.  He is a loyal friend, business partner and family man and just recently began mentoring other young business students.